Voice Over Production

When it must be said...say it right!

I've been a professional musician since 1977.  Music and audio production are as much a part of me as my fingers and toes.  WIth 35 years of business experience (the last 15 self-employed), I understand the pressures of small business.  When you need a recording, you need it now.  I've built my business one long-term relationship at a time and I would like the opportunity to build one with you.

Why not use one of those mega voice over talent search websites like VoiceJungle, VoiceTalentOnline,  or Voices123?

Actually, those sites are great places to find lots of voice over talent options.  With thousands of very talented artists, those sites can offer the widest range of vocal options that a small company like mine can not.  At Zenith Exhibits Studios, it is just me.  Just my voice.  If building your brand requires lots of different voice options, then you should use one of those excellent sites.

However, if you are looking for a consistent vocal artist that charges a fair price, turns work fast, and works with you as a vocal partner in your business; then maybe a small agency is a better option.

How do we work?

You email over your script with production notes (including target audience, desired inflections, and any production notes) and I record the spot.  For short spots I record multiple versions for you to choose from.  Audio files are shared with you via Dropbox and you own the source files--I hold no mechanical licensing rights to the recordings.

Production time is by the end of the next business day (if not sooner).  Rush projects are available time permitting and we never charge a rush charge.

Redos are rare, but if we didn't do it right the first time, then we don't charge for the second attempt.

How much does a recording cost?

I charge $50 for project setup and 15 cents per spoken word.