Location, location, location is the keyword for search engine optimization


You’ve heard the phrase a thousand times, the key to business success is location, location, location.  Well, the key to search engine optimization is essentially that same thing.  The keywords you use to rank your content is the location people will see when searching on Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and Ask!

The goal is to pick a keyword phrase that people are seeking out.  We field several dozen calls per week from frantic business owners frustrated their website isn’t generating business.  When we look at the search engine ranking, we see great listings, but when we look at the number of searches per month for those target keywords, we find dust.  Nine times out of ten the business owner on the other end of the phone tells me they hired an SEO company to optimize their website.

One of the tricks of the trade is to pick a keyword that is easy to rank, optimize the page for that keyword and then produce impressive reports showing a top ranking.  Volla, SEO success!  Right?  Wrong!  Anyone can rank for a keyword nobody is searching.  Small business owners are duped out of thousands of dollars for SEO services only to be left with a website that ranks high for keywords nobody cares about.

Do your own research…the Google keyword planning tool is free and gives you enough information to make wise business decisions from.  Launch adwords.google.com, create an account if you don’t already have one, then go to tools and keyword planner.  Type in your target keyword and search.

Google will give you a rounded down number showing an estimate of the average number of searches per month for your target keyword plus dozens, if not hundreds, of other keyword ideas.  Before you hire anyone to optimize your website, find out if anyone is searching for your target keywords.  Know your business subject matter as it pertains to Google searches BEFORE you take that SEO sales call.

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