Is AI Taking Over Business Writing?


In an article published in Forbes (Artificial Intelligence Can Now Write Amazing Content – What Does That Mean For Humans?) we learn computers are already generating some of your daily news. The New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters, Washington Post, and Yahoo! Sports already use AI to create content. However, what about small business people? Have we reached the point where a business owner can use AI resources affordably?

Before we dive into the idea of Ai generated business content, how would such a tool benefit small business owners? Having worked with thousands of small business owners, I can say it would help to get information. Content published is better than content not posted, or even written. Small business owners are busy and thus releasing information on their website is very difficult. However, one must ask at what cost does AI generate content?

Our business always has specialized in organic optimization through authenticity. We help our customers put their already successful business voice on the internet. Keep in mind that we purposely do not work with national brands, so large business content development is not being discussed in this article. The idea of giving control of the article tone to AI does not feel right to me. No doubt AI can reference and write material, as you’ll see below, they do a decent job, but my issue is the value of content as it related to the target audience.

There have been websites I’ve created that publishing baseline content was more important than business owner voice, but that was at the beginning of site rollout for a long-term project. The client did not want a website that showed little to no content, so we knocked out 20 generic articles for inclusion at rollout. Over the next 12 months, we worked closely with the client to develop content tuned to the target customer through the voicing of the business. However, there is something to be said for the service at the beginning time for a website when content is sparse.

I go back far enough to remember when a website was NOT a regular business tool. Many of the discussions already taking place about AI generated content were the same discussions we had about websites. How can a message on a computer screen replace the performance of face-to-face interaction in a board room or at a conference? The answer, they couldn’t, websites supplemented the sales process and brought MORE customers. I doubt anyone would argue that websites have been bad for business. Sure, maybe the curmudgeon in the back of the room talking bad about technology in general hates websites, but the average business owner relies on their website to help with the sales development process. Can AI developed content achieve the same status as websites did? I believe it is inevitable.

I am not opposed to the education-based content generated by AI and published on a website. At this point, I would favor a notice that AI has created some material on this website, but that might be the purist in me. When I do business with another person, I want my business interaction to be human to human, not human to machine. Heck, I hate robocalls!

The article listed below generated by AI at  The only information we gave them was “small business website development”.  We did not make any grammar corrections, although Grammarly (the software I use) did offer to fix lots of errors.

Small Business Website Development

Websites play an essential role in the success of each business enterprise. They’re the ones representing your company in the ever growing on-line world. A well designed and visually appealing web site not only helps in attracting clients, but additionally builds good brand equity for your company. All companies understands the significance of a good web site to deliver the organization’s message to potential and existing customers. It’s the basis to succeed in a market competitive. You can rent a pro web site designing company for your web site design project. There are plenty of designing and growth businesses, ranging from large corporate businesses to small businesses with hardly any professionals.

Choosing the right website designing company may be hard if you don’t know just what you should look for.

Here are some steps that will help you pick the right company for your company needs. Find Companies – The simplest way to look for web site designing businesses is to search on the internet. You may also find businesses listed in the phone book or phone directories. Shortlist a few firms to have a personal discussion together. Check portfolio – you might find an idea regarding the ability and experience of a business by having a take a take check out their portfolio. It is always good to employ a business with an impressive portfolio and a fantastic history.

A corporation’s portfolio must speak for itself. A good company should provide caliber of design, ease of navigation and constant look through every website. Expertise and Skills – Hiring a seasoned company won’t be as troublesome. The business should have skilled, qualified and skilled professionals that know their job well. It’s also advisable to ask a few questions to look at their specialized experience. Recommendations and Reviews – To check the credibility and trustworthiness of a business, read on-line reviews on several forums. Additionally ask the business for the references of previous customers. Don’t feel reluctant to contact them and inquire about the type of services supplied by the business.

This may assist you in making a correct and informed decision. Get Quotes – You should speak to a few web site designing firms and ask them for free quotes. Compare the costs and services offered by various companies and select the best one that suits your requirements. The web site designing company you hire should concentrate on details as sometimes even the smallest things could make all the difference. It’s significant to choose a pro company that not only understands your company goals, but additionally offers you the best services in your budget.

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