How Your Domain Can Get Stolen


If you own a website domain (lease actually), then you’ve received an eMail like the screen grab shown below. Looks official, sounds legit, it is, after all, right around the domain renewal time; so it must be to renew your domain. But wait! It is way more expensive, and I don’t recognize the company name.

Let me say this is the number one phone call we handle in the office. This email is not a scam and thus is not illegal. The company is offering a service and will renew your domain. However, in the process, they’ll also transfer it to their registration server and make it darn near impossible for you to move away.

The going rate for a .com domain is about $12 to $15 a year (depending on the registrar. The price for this company to renew my domain is $86. More than five and a half times greater than it would cost me with my current registrar. If were to click the button and go through the payment process, this company would transfer the domain from GoDaddy (in my case) to their control.

Don’t fall for these notices! You’ll also get these in the mail. Managing over three hundred domains, we receive hundreds of these types of notices.

Ways to protect yourself:

1) Know who your registrar is.
2) Know when your domain renews.
3) Keep your registrar username and password in a safe place.

When you receive a notice like this, visit your registrar and check your domain renewal, make sure your credit is still current and that it can renew. Even better, while logged into your registrar, go ahead and renew your domain for five to ten years and then don’t worry about it for a while.

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