How to get past writers block when business blogging


53% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.  1 in 10 blog posts is compounding, meaning organic search increases their traffic over time.

What do search marketers know that small business people can learn?  Content creation is the key to business growth via the internet.

While videos and killer graphics have a part to play, success on the search engines is still a text based game.  The business with the best text wins.  When quality is equal, then quantity rules.

Small business owners struggle the most with writing content for their business.  It is tough enough meeting demand for your service or product, let alone creating the words to publish on your website—over and over again.

The big mistake is creating a great looking web page, answering all the questions your customers could ever ask and then never again looking at your website.  The better approach is create your website and add a coupe hundred words of customer center,???? solutions based content every week (or better yet) every day.

You will run out of things to write about and writers block will seem impossible to get past. Stop looking at your product or service as they pertain to everyone and start documenting how specific people can gain benefit.  Example:

Version 1:  Husbands can use flowers to make that special someone one their life feel extra special.????

Version 2:  Husbands who forget something important can use flowers to say I am sorry.

Version 3:  Husbands turn to flowers to encourage that extra something from their special someone.

Write about specific people and how they can use your product or service to improve the quality of their life.  When writers block sets in, think of someone specific who you know uses what you offer.

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