How long should your blog post be to perform the best on Google?


Backlinko and BuzzSumo studied 912 million blog posts to understand where content marketing is in today’s internet.  Their study concluded that “long-form content gets an average of 77.2% more links than short articles.”  However, there is a point where too many words start to turn people off.  What constitutes a long-form post versus a short post?

I prefer to use a less scientific, but more humanistic approach.  What is your message?  How would you explain it to someone standing next to you in a pub?  That, in my opinion, is the content best suited for your business blog.  Minus any foul language of course, but the idea is the blog should be as long as it needs to be so long as you stay focused on the topic and keep the value focused on benefiting the reader.

Using the Backlinko and BuzzSumo for just one more moment, they revealed a subsection of the blog posts they refer to as the power posts.  They qualify a power post as one that generates social shares.  They found that only 1.3% of the posts in the study “generated over 75% of all social shares.”

Getting back to being human, it is not about the shares; it is about phone calls.  For a small business owner, it does not matter how many people visit your website; it only matters how many people are inspired to make a phone call to inquire about your services as a result of your content marketing.  To that end, how long should your blog post be?

There is a minimum word count in my book, but there is no scientific data behind my conclusion.  Your blog article should be at least 300 words long.  Why 300?  Because in the thousands of articles I’ve written over the decades, I couldn’t get my point across effectively in less than 300.  The key is effective:  

  • Your post must be succinct and focused on one topic.
  • Your article must not contain a hard sales pitch.
  • Your article must not stray from benefiting the reader.

Follow those above three rules, and you should end up with an article that is somewhere around 300 to 400 words.  If you look down at your word count and see you are nearing 500, then STOP.  Rewrite your content and pull out the stuff that does not fit the three must’s above.

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