Google SEO Tips – Meta Page description development


A page’s description meta tag gives search engines a summary of what the page is about.  Most of the time, your page meta description is the snippet of information presented when your website is listed in an organic search result.  The content of this meta field is mission critical and must be correct.

Let’s look at this from a different point of view.  Let’s say your page description say the page is about Apple fritter doughnuts and the incredible joy they bring.  The searcher sees the search snippet and clicks to learn more about this most perfect snack food.  When they arrive on the web page they are presented with information about some boring powder sugar doughnut and nothing about the Apple Fritter.  This is called bait-n-switch and people hate bait-n-switch—especially Google!

The first mistake small business owners make is they don’t include a page description.  With out it, Google and the other search engines are asked to construct one…more often than not they won’t and your page will just not be ranked.  Sometimes, if the page content is amazing, the search engine will rank you anyway, but you will be lower than those sites with a page description.

The second mistake small business people make is to put the wrong stuff in the page description.  It should be an action based summary of the content that exists on the page.  What is the solution your page offers?  In 130 to 170 characters, write a page description that inspires a searcher to click.

Don’t stuff your page description with a bunch of keywords…it does not improve your search ranking and anyone who sees it will feel you are manipulative.

There are lots of tools on the market to auto build page descriptions, but I don’t recommend them.  Be natural.  You are the expert in your business and you are the person people are going to interact with when they call.  All language on your website (including meta fields) should be organic and authentic.  

Like an elevator speech, your page description is the first impression you make on a new prospect.  Write wisely.

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