Cold calls and cold eMails are called ‘cold’ for a reason, they are very low yield


An author received the above comment on a Reddit article he published.  The author was asking for advice on how to gain more customers.  The author of the article had a good website, decent content, was active on Facebook, ran ads and felt he was getting little to no results.  It does not matter what business the author is in; the lesson comes in the part I’ve not shared yet.  He wrote, “I can’t really do cold calls or go around to local businesses as I don’t speak their language.”  He said he sent emails, but got no replies.

Too many small business owners have the same feelings, they build a great website, print the slick brochure, pay for advertising and yet no business?  This type of thinking presents a fatal flaw in business thinking.  People don’t do business with machines; they do business with people.  Direct sales are the most critical component of website development.

Unless your website is an e-commerce site, the only way you make money is when someone talks or eMails you for more information.  Cold calling is frustrating, but in the beginning, it is essential.  In the process of cold calls, you learn the musings for your business.  You get your sales pitch down, and before long your delivery smooths out, and your close rate goes up.

Does this mean you don’t need a website?  No, the site is a supporting cast member, just like your brochure.  The missing element from so many small business people is getting out in public and selling your business.  “There is no money behind your desk!”  A good friend taught me that, and I have the post-it note on my computer to remind me daily.

  • Join a chamber AND attend the meetings.
  • Join a leads group AND attend the meetings.
  • Join a service club AND attend the meetings.
  • Volunteer your time AND get out and be seen.

Conversing with people is the secret to good website development.  Get out and start selling!  If your product or service helps people, then you are obligated to help them find you.

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