Backlink bomb can be ignored says Google


In a recent article on SearchEngine Journal, Matt Southern wrote Google: Don’t Worry About Malicious Backlinks, We Ignore Them.  The article is a good read, but a bit techy; so here is a translation with some history.

In the wonderful world of small business ownership, in addition to worrying about building a quality product or delivering an excellent service, we have to worry about jerks trying to hurt our internet brand.  It is difficult to comprehend why someone would want to post thousands of negative reviews or build tens of thousands of back backlinks to your website, but people do.

This article is not addressing the review bomb topic, but I’ll focus on the link bomb idea.

Several years ago, Google changed its algorithm such that the quality of the website that links to your website mattered.  For a time, if you had too many low ranking sites linking to your site, then your site suffered a ranking penalty.  The word ‘penalty’ is a bit confusing, but that makes it sound like your website will “not” rank because of bad links, but actually, it means the previous good ranking you received from the boost in link count will no longer be recognized.

John Mueller, Google’s head search engine engineer wrote, “site owners shouldn’t worry about negative SEO attacks that involve malicious backlinks.  Google ignores those links.”

Why would someone put harmful backlinks to your website?  To try and hurt you or revenge for being wronged.  We live in a ruthless world, and with social media channels and the internet’s propensity for automation, a tiny group of people can have a significant impact on your business brand.

Example:  Recently, a client posted something on their social channel that was offensive and a group of people attacked.  They posted hundreds of one-star reviews on multiple channels, called the business hundreds of times a day with nasty things to say, and tried hacking all of their business websites with one goal in mind—shutting down the business.

While review bombing is a real landmine, business owners can rest easier knowing the backlink bombs are no longer useful as a means to hurt your website.

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