Video Production

Training Videos

Do you a company introduction video you need produced?  How about an orientation class every student must take?  We can help with creating that video that can be used over and over again without having to pay a teacher each time to teach it.

More often than not, it is less expensive to hire a professional voice actor to create your training videos. In addition to vocal acting, I am a certified teacher and taught college level classes for several years.

Web Videos & Commercials

Small Business Web Videos and Commercials are excellent tools for building new customer relationships, but if you are not skilled behind a camera or have the right energy in your voice, then you could be doing more harm than good.  We can work with you to get the perfect mix of inflection and energy to communicate the all important subliminal message that your business can be trusted.


Documentaries and company stories are a special productions that require a vocal branding that pulls viewers into the presentation.  We can work with your team to deliver the effective work that will deliver one inspired audience after another.

Fund Raisers

Vocal inflection can make the difference between success or failure in fundraising.  If you are producing a fund raising video, then you really need to have it done professionally.  We’ve been working with non-profit organizations for years to create successful fund raising videos that deliver years of funding.

Tradeshow Booth Videos

When seconds count the perfect trade show booth video can make all the difference.  Tradeshow attendees are less threatened by watching a video than they are being approached by booth staff.  Adding a company sales video to your next trade show exhibit can help bring more leads than you’ve ever experienced.  Zenith Exhibits started as a trade show design and consulting business and we’ve helped thousands of businesses grow their trade show marketing program.

The process all begins by talking one-on-one to learn about you, your company, your goals, and your target customers.

If it looks like a Podcast production or audio/video asset would help you and your business, the next steps involve developing content to support the production.  No matter if it is a onetime publication or a weekly program, we help you develop engaging content that helps promotion you, your business, and your effort or cause.

Your production might be about your company, or maybe a channel about something of personal interest that your business could be a sponsor.  We've worked with political causes, business endeavors, and hobby productions.  There is no production too big or too small that we'll consider.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation.  (208) 209-7170.

Once we have your channel defined, we help you with the script and production development.  For some clients this is as far as they need us to assist, for others they write and record the episode and we edit the files, and for others we handle everything including scheduling studio time and editing everything.

With the approved episode, we handle publishing and promoting your production to increase listenership and even sponsor opportunities (if that fits your desired goals.)

We provide you an opportunity to talk with us without obligation.  Complete the form on this page to set-up a no-charge 45-minute one-on-one meeting/phone call.  During this call/meeting, we'll explore your idea, production goals, target audience, and content opportunities.

You can also call our office to set-up a time for our initial consultation.  we can be reached at (208) 209-7170.

If it feels right for both of us, then the next step is to develop a production schedule and budget for your project.

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