What are the benefits of Internet Radio (Podcast) Advertising?

Large Reach
Over 100 million Americans 12+ listen to podcasts each month.¹

Strong Brand Recall
80% of podcast listeners were able to name the advertised brand and 61% bought a product or service from a podcast ad.²

Strong Conversion Rates
Podcast channels drive an average 34% lift in conversions, as compared to an average 2.6% lift across non-podcast channels such as digital display (1.1%), print (2.4%), and linear TV (3.1%).³

Highly Educated
Monthly podcast listeners have higher education (53% with 4-year college degree or more) than the average U.S. population (39%).⁴

High Household Income
Monthly podcast listeners have a higher household income (41% with $75K+) than the average U.S. population (29%).⁴

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  3. 2020 PODCAST ATTRIBUTION: Using Mixed Methodologies to Set the Stage for Future Success by Claritas and Market Enginuity
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Why is Zenith Exhibits Offering Podcast Advertising?

A few years ago, I witnessed firsthand the effects of Google censorship when I reviewed a search optimization problem for a referral.  In my research, I found Google had devalued the search term "gun".  They left this antique gun dealer high and dry because people at Google felt "Guns" were bad and access should eliminated from the search engine.

I got mad!  I searched for a way around Google censorship.  Fortunately, I've been in business a lot longer than Google and remember how to build relationships with new customers.  Zenith Exhibits has always been a full-service marketing firm that advised our clients to have multiple ways to reach a target audience.  We all prefer to go search engine optimization route in building our business, but the list of keywords Google has banned is getting longer and longer every day and this is hurting good people throughout America.

Being an avid AM radio listener, I have always loved radio advertising.  I was just about to pull the trigger on an affiliate relationship when a friend recommended I look at podcasting (also known as Podcasting).  I knew about podcasting but never considered it a viable commercial option.

Not only is Podcasting a viable commercial option, but it is MUCH better than radio.  Podcast host presented advertising makes for strong listener affinity.  My research showed podcast listeners pay attention to ads...this is because they want to know their favorite podcast production will continue; so they support those who support the podcast.

Podcast ads are endorsements

For this reason, I vet every advertiser on the channel produced by Zenith Exhibits Studios.  We build long-term relationships with advertisers so that our internet radio listeners can feel comfortable with the offerings.  There is limited advertising space available, but we have an excellent mix of audience options with more productions coming online every month.

Contact us today to discuss advertising options.  (208) 209-7170.