Small Business Podcast Agency

We produce podcasts and related media for Business, Authors, and Non-Profit Organizations.

Podcast Creation

Does your business or organization have a story to tell?  We can help create the program outline and get you started on developing the script.

Podcast Production

WIth your scripted/outlined podcast, we can help with recording, editing, and publishing your podcast.  We include Royalty-Free Music and sound effects as needed.

Podcast Advertising

Once your podcast is live, then we can develop and execute a full search optimization and social media advertising campaign that increases listens and generates leads.

Zenith Exhibits, Inc. started from a passion Ed had with creating portable sales environments and tradeshow exhibits.  As the business grew we added services that now include all aspects of digital, print, and face-to-face marketing.

Ed's vision has always been to stay small and nimble so he could keep costs down.  Working with small businesses on limited budgets, even start-ups with almost no budget, allows Ed to maximize creativity in building quality leads.  Ed's often said, "with an unlimited budget, marketing is easy.  Our customers count on us to do more with less."

Adding Podcasting was a unique twist to the Zenith Exhibits' story.  With more than 45-years as a professional musician and public speaker; audio production is a natural progression.  However, Ed brought in podcasting to combat another issue that challenges many small businesses...that being Google censorship.

Internet Radio (or podcasting) allows for a business to communicate its message in a personable manner that is less threatening than video production and avoids the search engine censors algorithms.  Internet Radio is the ultimate in content on-demand.  It can be consumed anywhere and while the listener is doing odd chores, community to work, or just relaxing around the house.

For those companies who need video production as well, Zenith Exhibits Studio also offers limited video production services.  We have all the camera gear, lighting, sound equipment, and 25 years experience in video we can handle just about any project you might have.

We are sure you have questions.  Starting an internet radio channel is a big step for your business.  We offer a 45-minute no-charge consultation session to answer all your questions.  Call our offices or click the request an appointment link below to schedule time.

Thank you for stopping by and we wish you all the best!


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